Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Will They Ever Get It?

Ah, Bob. It seems he is so set in the fact that Democrats are right and Republicans are wrong that he can't see what's going on in front of his face. He posts this about the recent Republican campaign happenings.

How can you be so scathing against these tactics when employed by the opposition, when your party will use (and has used) them time and again? I had this to say:

I think it's interesting that you offered no defense of Jim Webb, you just threw his name in there. Maybe thats because the content of his writing is just as important as Allen formerly displaying the Confed. flag (which he denounced and apologized for, as opposed to Webb's defense of his novels). And don't give me the free speech nonsense, unless you're prepared to give the same leeway to Allen. He can say it if he wants, no one's trying to arrest him. But does he have to be elected to the Senate?

And Harold Ford? He went to a Playboy party. It's fact. Move on. It's not racist. And I can say that with impunity, since I'm black. I'm as far above criticism for that comment as Michael J. Fox is for his stem cell research commercial. And speaking of MJF, in his commercials he lies about the Republican candidates, saying they want to "restrict" stemcell research. The research is legal in all of those states. In February Jim Talent withdrew his name from a bill that would restrict embryonic stem cell research. And Ben Cardin, one of the people he's supporting, actually voted against the research.

What makes me mad is that the left always gets mad at the right for telling the truth. I don't remember you coming to the defense of Mark Foley when every news outlet in the US printed his IM's. I don't recall you comparing the incident to the Gerry Studds incident. And how do you feel about Robert Byrd being re-elected, in light of his comments in his 2001 interview with Tony Snow? Patrick Kennedy?

These "attacks" that you reference are making you so mad because they are based on the truth. Yes they have political spin, but no more than saying that Bush hates black people because he screwed up Katrina, and not saying anything about Byrd. No one spoke out when Michael Steele was called an "Uncle Tom" and a "token" by white Democrats, nor when the DSCC stole his credit report. They just blamed the staffer and the higher-ups claimed no knowledge (*cough*FOLEY!*cough*). I could go on for days. But I'll just say that the one that pisses me off the most is the Steele thing. But the rest is bad. Progressives and Democrats have just as much a problem with this as conservatives and Republicans.
Every once in a while I find something on one of these progressive blogs that makes sense, so I keep reading. But this trash ruins my mood. And if you live in Maryland, vote Michael Steele.


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Donnie said...

Right on! This was a great post. Your friend Brittany gave me the link to your blog because she said my latest blog posts reminded me of it. Regarding the whole "Republicans are racist because they showed a white woman playing the Playboy bunny in the commercial making fun of Ford for attending the Playboy party" thing, it has also been revealed now that every Playboy playmate AT that party was, in fact, white. So the ad, even if it was a bit tacky, was completely accurate in that regard.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Donnie said...

err...sorry, that was supposed to say that my latest blog posts reminded "her" of it...not "me." :)


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